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Bring on 

Believe it or not the Rice Lake Snow Drifters Board of Directors and helpful volunteers are already preparing for the upcoming season. Trail maintenance, brushing, sign placement etc. will soon be taking place to again offer you the best snowmobile trails we can.  We are looking forward to this coming season and hope that the snow will come.

At our recent AGM for all snowmobile clubs we were each given a spoon to sleep with under our pillow. Apparently there is an old wives tale that it will bring snow. Can’t hurt so find a spoon and take it to bed with you and this will be the best winter yet.

See you on the trails!

Coming Events

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  • December 15, 2018 : 9am - 3pm

    Driver Training
    2505 County Rd. 2 - Keene, ON
    Cost: $40 each

    Please contact Rachel at: 705-931-1916

    Driver Training

    While the OFSC has moved to online Driver Training we still believe that learning how to drive a snowmobile safely is best done by qualified instructors.
    Rachel Stillman & Joe Steed are happy to teach this course to students 12 years and older. Yes even adults can come.

  • November 18, 2018: 8:30am - 4pm

    Peterborough Memorial Centre 


    Snowmobile Show and Swap Meet
    Visit us at our Booth!

  • November 2nd - December 1st, 2018 

    Discounted Seasonal Permits
    (plus $7.50 processing fee)

    Seasonal Trail Permits

    It's never too late to get a discount on your Seasonal Permit!
    Check out our newsletter for the pricing options available .

More Coming Soon!

Rice Lake Snow Drifters