Notice of Annual General Meeting

Take Notice
That the annual meeting of the members of the Rice Lake Snow Drifters will be held via ZOOM on Monday May 31st, 2021 at 7pm. If you would like to join us please email me and I will forward you the link to the ZOOM Meeting.

This meeting is being held for the purpose of:
a) Receiving, considering and approving the financial statement for the past fiscal year and all transactions reflected thereby.
b) Electing directors and Executive Committee. Any member in good standing with the Corporation may stand for election or re-election as a Director provided they are approved by the current directors of the Board
c) To receive and approve various committee reports - Trails. Groomers/Groomer Operators
d) Transacting such business as may properly come before this meeting.

Agenda will be as follows:
- Call to Order
- Review of previous minutes – May 3rd, 2021
- Annual Financial Report
- Trail Report which will include Issues on our Trails and Signage
- Groomer/Groomer Operators Report
- Meeting Adjourned

Chair chosen for Election
Election of Officers and Directors

Dated: May 5th, 2021
On behalf of the Rice Lake Snow Drifters Board of Directors
Sherri Luff, Secretary – Rice Lake Snow Drifters

News And Articles

April 05, 2021


  The Rice Lake Snow Drifters want to thank every one of our permit holders for a wonderful season.

This was the best one we've had for quite some time. Having it occur through the pandemic was great as it allowed us to get outside and enjoy something we all love. 

...however, we need your help...


ATVs, dirtbikes and side by sides are going to ruin our ability to maintain a connected snowmobile trail system. Yesterday four wheelers knocked down 7 gates to go through the northern trails. These types of vehicles are not permitted on our trails and it has to stop or we will lose trails. Already we have several landowners threatening to totally block access for any kind of vehicle including snowmobilers. Please advise anyone you know with these type of vehicles to find trails where there is permission to ride. It is not on any of our trails.


It's that time of year again, Lawn Ornaments are out in full view and you could receive a Free OSM T-SHIRT.

1.  Find an abandoned sled
2.  Snap a pic
3.  Email it and your contact details to info@osmmag.com for your chance to be featured in an upcoming issue of On Snow Magazine!

Chosen pics will receive a Free OSM Lawn Ornaments T-shirt! Email Info@osmmag.com and please include your contact details!

...also in the news...

Important Message 
RLSD Team:  10-January-2021

Hi Everyone.  With the snow we have been receiving, everyone is anxious to be on the trails. Please be aware of the following:

INTERACTIVE TRAIL GUIDE:  Check the Interactive Trail Guide on the OFSC website to ensure that trails are open. Quite often snow does not equal trails being open. Grooming and signage needs to occur and usually can't happen until there is snow. RED means CLOSED, Yellow means trails are open but may not be in the best of shape, GREEN means the trails are OPEN. 

Please SLOW DOWN. The speed limit is 50 km an hour on all trails. On the rail line or Trail E208 especially, walkers, cross country skiers, and even horseback riders are using this trail. Please be aware that a speeding snowmobile is very dangerous for them and for you. If you are speeding you may not see them or realize until it is too late that they are on the trail. Please respect the law and the users of this trail. Contact police if you see snowmobilers driving with excessive speed.

PERMITS: Permits are required and can be purchased at ofsc.com. Permits provide dollars so we can maintain trails and groomers and hire groomer operators. Riding a trail without a permit is illegal as we are governed by the Ministry of Transportation of Ontario.

LANDOWNERS:  Just another reminder that most of our trails are privately owned. These landowners expect that when we use their property we follow the trail that is groomed and leave tracks not trash. Having a bit of fun zooming over their fields will likely result in trail closures as you are damaging their property which affects their livelihood.

HIAWATHA TRAIL (Trail 511):  This trail provides access to Hiawatha First Nation. They have locked down at this time which means no gas or food can be accessed. This trail will remain closed until the lockdown is declared over by the province and Hiawatha First Nation.

ATV’s, DIRTBIKES, SIDE BY SIDES:  These vehicles are NOT ALLOWED on any of our trails AT ALL. Please report anyone on these types of vehicles on our trail to the police.

COVID 19:  Under the current government regulations we are expected to ride within our Public Health Unit and should not be crossing into other regions. For us it is the Peterborough Public Health Unit.

ENJOY :  Please enjoy snowmobiling but with safety in mind. Being outside and getting fresh air will help us all get through this difficult time.

Hope to see you from a distance out on the trails.

Stay up to date with trails

Trail Status Reports 

  • Download the Interactive Trail Guide HERE
  • Mobile-friendly trail apps available for: iOS, Android & GPS 

Status: AVAILABLE when route is GREEN
The identified route is accessible with the understanding that the trail will likely vary considerably in quality, attributes and terrain over its length.

Access to the identified route is limited with marginal riding opportunities, snowmobilers enter with the understanding that they should exercise extreme care and reduce speed.

Status: UNAVAILABLE when route is RED
The route is not available at this time, access is prohibited and anyone entering the property may be trespassing.

Many Thanks to our Amazing Sponsors!


  • Atlantic Lifts
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  • Currie Tire & Auto Service
  • Cycle Salvage
  • Douglas Automotive
  • Elmhirst Excavating
  • Emulite Global
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  • Powell Power Sports
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  • Stillbrook Riding Stables
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  • Todds Equipment
  • Trailers Plus
  • Truck Pro

Board of Directors


Nathan Jackson


Kevin English

Vice President

Larry Stewart

2nd Vice President

Doug Luff


Sherri Luff


Julie English

Executive Director

Mary Martin

Volunteer Coordinator

Donna Atkinson


Rachel Atkinson

Driver Training

Ken Edwards

Trail Inspection Coordinator
Southern Trails

Dean Crowder

Trail Inspection Coordinator
Northern Trails

Additional Directors

Mary & Elwood Ellis - Elimination Draw
Michelle Atkinson - Permits
Shelley & Aaron Palmer
Tom Irwin

*All directors can be contacted by calling 705-295-SNOW

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