Gearing Up For Winter

In regards to our trails...
We have been blessed by an early snowfall, which of course makes everyone anxious to be out on their snowmobiles. Unfortunately most of our trails are not officially opened yet as signing and some maintenance still needs to be done. Our landowners often have crops or animals still in the fields as well. Please be patient with us as we try to get things in order as quickly as we can.

Some information for you includes:

  • We have opened the rail line E208 from the Hastings bridge to the Old Keene Road. Also we have opened a small feeder trail from Keene to the Hiawatha Trail 511.
  • Logging work is being done on Trail 511 from 505 (Keene Trail) to Baseline Road. Therefore this section of trail has been closed and rerouted along McGregor Bay Road to Base Line Road to the 511 trail to the Rail Line. Signs have been posted to guide you. It is hoped that this closure will be temporary.
  • Please do not go through this section of trail until you see the Trail Closed signs removed.
  • The Elmhirst Trail is closed as we are negotiating with a landowner. Please do not use this trail. Our trail into Peterborough will be opened soon but it will only go as far as the parking lot on Technology Drive until further notice. You can park here to begin sledding.
  • You can also park at Baseline east of Heritage Line and at Hastings Asphodel 7th Line south just over the Rail Line.
  • Hiawatha Trail should be open soon as well.
  • Northern trails are not ready yet. Signs and field stakes need to be installed.

Our groomers have been out but this initial work sets our base. A bit more snow will make your snowmobiling experience more enjoyable.

Sherri Luff
Rice Lake Snow Drifters Secretary
Snow Line: 705-295-7669
Address: Box 125, Keene, Ontario K0L 2G0

New Board of Directors

  • Kevin English President
  • Nathan Jackson Vice President
  • Doug Luff Treasurer
  • Sherri Luff Secretary
  • Julie English Executive Director
  • Doug Luff Sign Coordinator
  • Ken Edwards Inspection Coordinator -
  • Mary Martin Volunteer Coordinator
  • Michelle Atkinson Permit Coordinator
  • Rachel Atkinson Driver Training Coordinator
  • Additional Directors Mary Ellis, Elwood Ellis, Tom Irwin, Shelley and Aaron Palmer

Luck of the Draw
Congratulations to Tom Clarke, who won the gift card at Sledarama, which was for $100 from Three Roads Farm.

Turkey Winners
The following wonderful landowners have won a turkey this year:
Doug Rattan, Karen & Marty Kempt, Harold & Eleanor Davidson, Joe Steed, Kerry Doughty, Dave Smale, Joe McGrisken, Doug Edgerton, Lee Nelson and Marc Habgood

New Groomer - pic2